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Finding the Root Cause of your Symptoms

Have you considered how debilitating symptoms can be reversed when their cause can be eliminated? Have you thought about how making simple lifestyle changes can significantly improve your quality of life?

I believe in the importance of natural remedies to aid recovery. I specialise in a holistic approach to treatment, by looking at my patients as a whole, to identify the cause of their condition and developing tailored treatment to aid the body back to full health.

Consider the analogy of the body as an iceberg. One tenth of an iceberg is visible: this would be the eczema, the bloating, or the aches and pains you suffer. However, 9/10 of the iceberg is beneath the surface, which would be the toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses etc) accumulated in the body.

Distance Consultations

Due to the phenomenal response to distance consultations over the past year, I’m now able to offer distance consultations to all who are interested in my therapy regardless of location. My tailored service:

  • Virtual consultations using any preferred platform (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc)
  • Treatment plans are done with clients providing a hair sample. (one strand of hair needs to be secured to a piece of paper with sellotape and posted to me)
  • I’m always available to answer questions via text messages, phone calls and emails.
  • Scheduled virtual weekly/fortnightly update consultations

You can read testimonials from clients who have been treated remotely HERE


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