"You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it"

Albert Einstein

  • What I Offer

    I offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including:

    • Detoxification Treatment & Support
    • Nutritional Support
    • Diet Plan & Lifestyle Advice
    • Emotional support

    Detoxification Treatment & Support

    Together, we identify toxins such as heavy metals (e.g. mercury, aluminium), parasites and fungi and apply natural solutions to aid the body’s detoxification function. You will notice the reduction or elimination of symptoms such as bloating, eczema, anxiety etc.

    Nutritional Support

    Together, we will examine your diet and I will provide you with supplements of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids which are absent. This change in diet will support your body to function at its optimal level again. As a result, you will notice that your natural defences against common ailments e.g. common cold, stress will strengthen.

    Diet Plan & Lifestyle Advice

    I identify beneficial foods for each client, and foods which should be avoided. The avoidance of foods will be due to a temporary intolerance. This bespoke list of foods will be retested at each consultation. Foods which initially were restricted will gradually be re-introduced because the reason for the intolerance was identified and eliminated.

    Certain exercise(s) are extremely beneficial for the effective working of for example the lymphatic, digestive and immune systems of the body. Advice is given for these. You will also be asked to bring your products (deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo etc) to ensure you’re choosing the products which don’t introduce harmful chemicals such as isopropyl, to the body.

    Emotional Support

    Have you noticed how physical symptoms make themselves known after an emotional upset or trauma?

    It is widely accepted now that the mind plays an important role in health, for example we blush when embarrassed, that ‘gut’ feeling and when we’re frightened our heart pounds faster. However, for some of us, emotions can have a real detriment to our health and wellbeing, but there is a way of taking control.

    I employ the Bach flower Remedies and Phytobiophysics Flower Formulas to help support and relieve emotional upsets amongst my patients. These address emotions which have often been suppressed or repressed. These formulas stabilise emotions and create balance on all levels in the body: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, to bring you back to a level and happier state.

    Deep Level Chakra Balancing

    Strengthening Chakras has a profound effect on body and mind. Chakra balancing can be part of your treatment or it can be a stand alone treatment. It can give you an energy boost as well as leaving you feeling centred and grounded.

  • How I Work

    The first consultation (2hours) involves a discussion of your health history. You will have received a questionnaire beforehand to complete by e-mail or alternatively it can be completed at your consultation.

    This is then followed by a muscle testing (kinesiology) assessment. This is completely non- invasive (clients remained fully clothed).

    This enables me to asses:

    • what toxins (heavy metals, parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses) are a burden on the body and need detoxifying
    • what foods should be avoided (and in subsequent consultations, what foods can be reintroduced)
    • what support the body needs (be it support for the gut, immune system, adrenals, liver etc)
    • what, if any, emotional support is required (Bach and/or Phytobiophysics Flower Formula can be selected)

    Follow-up consultations (1 hour) are always required. The same pattern as above is followed in each consultation. The aim every time is to strengthen the detoxification mechanisms in the body.

  • Is this all about treating causes? What about prevention?

    This therapy is about prevention. I treat many people who feel ‘fine’, who have no obvious symptom, but understand the need to assist the body.

    Our bodies can, for example, cope with 1000 burdens, yet won’t cope with 1001 burdens. Our bodies are like computer systems which break down sometimes. By removing one or two of these burdens, the body then only has to cope with 998 or 999 burdens and is able to regulate them. Therefore, prevention of any sporadic symptoms can be avoided through this therapy.

    I treat a variety of physical and emotional conditions through naturally with the aim of helping the body back to health. The body will always do its best for you. It will never work against you. This is about helping the body, pressing the reset button. I adopt a holistic approach to find the cause and not just treat the symptoms of a any condition.

  • Ailments & Symptoms

    I can treat a variety of physical conditions through bespoke natural treatments. Below is a snapshot of conditions I have successfully treated with my patients:

    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating & digestive issues
    • Gall Stones
    • Arthritis, Gout & Raynauds Syndrome
    • Thyroid issues
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) & Fibromyalgia
    • Endometriosis & Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
    • Eczema
    • Sleepnessness
    • Wheat intolerance
    • Lactose intolerance
    • Anxiety
    • Diabetes
    • Auto-immune conditions
    • Parkinson's Disease
    • Generally unwell
  • Treatments for Children

    As a qualified Allergy and Nutritional Therapist I also offer tailored treatment for children. I have successfully helped babies, toddlers and children who suffered with a variety of physical conditions including:

    • Eczema
    • Asthma
    • IBS
    • Lactose intolerance
    • Sickness
    • Digestive issues
    • Chronic earache
    • Recurrent infections

    Behaviour / Patterns

    Have you ever considered the following?

    • Does your child refuse to eat a particular food or especially like a particular food?
    • Is your child a fussy eater?
    • Was your child’s development impaired at all e.g. walking? talking?
    • Does you child get frustrated easily or shout a lot?


    The principles of testing children are equal to that of treating adults. However, the difference lies in the muscle testing itself, if your child is under seven years old. I would need to surrogate test your child, this means that they would need to sit next to and touch you, the surrogate. Children always enjoy the interaction.

    What I Think of Being Tested …

    "It doesn’t hurt. All you do is move your arm. Angharad puts little bottles on the parts that are painful." - Alex, 8 years old

    "You might not want to want to give up your favourite foods but it will make you feel better. There’s nothing to be scared of. She’s got loads of little bottles! They’re used to see what’s good or bad for you to eat and to find all the nasty things in your body. It made me feel so much better. I hardly ever get headaches anymore." - Owen, 15 years old

    "It feels fine. It's quite alright really. it feels strange because it looks like she puts crystals in bottles on your belly. But it works." - Jay, 10 years old

  • Appointments

    I offer a personalised service to each client, my goal is to identify your condition and prescribe pragmatic treatment that will aid your body back to full health.

    Each consultation is held at my clinic in a calm and welcoming environment. You should bring all of the personal products you use such as shampoo, deodorant, perfume, aftershave, make up, cleansers etc.

    My clinic is based in Penarth, so I cover South Wales and the west of England, however, I have treated patients further afield. To discuss remote consultations please feel free to contact me at a time that is convenient for yourself.

  • Treatment Costs

    Appt. Time
    Cost (Adult) ** Cost (School age children) **
    1st * 2 hours £95.00 £85.00
    2nd ** 90 minutes £70.00 £60.00
    Follow-up 1 hour £55.00 £45.00

    Please get in touch for information regarding pre-school children and babies.

    * You should bring all of the products you use e.g. shampoo, soap, perfume, toothpaste, hair gel, nail varnish, make-up. Bring everything you use!

    ** An initial series of 3 appointments will be needed, approximately 2-3 weeks apart. These can be organised with Angharad over the phone. It is possible to pay the consultation costs for the 3 consultations for a total of £200. This can be paid through BACS. Please note that supplements and treatments will be in addition to any consultation cost.  

    *** Any treatment and supplement cost will be added to the cost of the appointment

    Should you not live in the immediate area and are interested in the treatment, please get in touch to see if remote treatment is feasible.

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I have asthma and an under active thyroid and always felt tired and had no energy but now feel so alive. Thanks Angharad for your advice and guidance.
I would recommend this lady to everyone who suffers with the ailments she mentions and maybe some she hasn't discovered that she can help yet.
Best thing I have ever done. Angharad is amazing. I feel better than I have in years!
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