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As I’m sure you’re aware, common illnesses e.g. anxiety, fatigues, IBS, migraines and stress, have a debilitating effect on your employees health, and also negatively impacts the overall productivity of your organisation with an associated increase in absences. Research now attributes much of these illnesses to the individual’s diet, with 1 in 3 adults having a food allergy/intolerance.


I have had phenomenal success in curing clients from an array of conditions and symptoms. Below I detail the kind of packages that can be tailored to best suit your specific needs. I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to further discuss potential options.

My treatment

As a fully qualified Natural Health Therapist, I specialise in allergy and nutritional therapies to treat common physical illnesses by identifying the root causes of these symptoms. I believe in adopting a holistic approach to physical health, through changes to an individual’s diet and lifestyle and natural remedies.

My approach has proved extremely effective, and I know that will be benefit your organisation, by becoming part of your wellbeing initiative, my treatment will aid your employees back to health, increase workplace productivity and reduce employee absences.

My proposal

To aid your organisation’s wellbeing initiative, I have developed 3 packages of support. These are listed below, however, tailored packages can be developed to suit the needs of your organisation:

BRONZE PACKAGE – Interactive Seminar (Length: 90 minutes)

A seminar/talk titled ‘Implementing Behavioural Changes for Health’. In this seminar, I will talk your employees through how diet and lifestyle habits impact our overall health. During this interactive seminar, I will offer an array of pragmatic changes that your employees can utilise to support their wellbeing, including stress combating techniques and effective eating habits.

SILVER PACKAGE – Intolerance Testing

A series of 1 hour individual consultations, whereby employees will be given Muscle Response Testing. This non-invasive testing allows employees to uncover food and environmental intolerances that they may have. Based on their results, I will offer advice and guidance on what foods they should avoid, and what food types will support their overall health.

GOLD PACKAGE – Addressing The Root Cause

These 30 minutes taster sessions give your employees a brief insight into my work, whereby I specialise in treating the root cause of symptoms and aid the body back to health through diet and lifestyle changes.

Each package will be supported with a range of takeaway supplementary material, ensuring that your employees apply what they have learnt and take ownership of their health and wellbeing. Further information on each package is available upon request, or I am happy to come and meet with yourself to discuss your gain insight into organisation’s your needs and discuss how I can support you. For all packages, group discounts are available.

Bilingual treatment

In addition to offering a comprehensive range of treatments to your employees, I can conduct all packages in either Welsh or English.

I would welcome the opportunity to work together to create a bespoke package that will benefit the health of your employees.

These are the organisations I have worked with

The Open University

"We think we know it all when it comes to nutrition and what you should do to eat well and fuel your body. However Angharad came up with so many

tips, ideas and information about natural therapies that everyone in the room walked away with something new and even the sceptics (there are always some!) learned something new that day. It was a really informative, interesting and fun seminar – thank you Angharad!"

International Baccalaureate

"Angharad supported our Wellbeing Week at the International Baccalaureate with an interactive seminar on ‘Implementing Positive Changes’. Staff found the topics covered and the approach very refreshing and feel that their wellbeing has been enhanced as a result."


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