Frequently Asked Questions

"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"

Buckminster Fuller

Who is Angharad Evans?

I am a fully qualified allergy and nutritional therapist for over 2 years. My goal is to provide personalised allergy and nutritional therapies to aid the body back to health.

This involves non invasive assessment and an evaluation of environmental contaminators that may cause/exacerbate a physical illness. I then provide comprehensive treatment to enable my patients to lead a healthy life, without needing to rely or reduce the need for traditional medication.

My surgery is based in the heart of Penarth where I offer treatment in a professional, friendly and private environment.

To discuss your condition or to ask me any questions regarding my treatment simply contact me at a time that is convenient for yourself.

What conditions do you treat?

I have experience of treating a variety of physical conditions through non invasive investigations and pragmatic allergy and nutritional therapies. The list of conditions are included on my 'Conditions' webpage, however, this is not a comprehensive list and I welcome any potential patients with concerns to contact me to discuss their condition further.

There is no obligation to make a booking by contacting me, I would encourage any potential patients to discuss their needs with me and we can agree next steps. If I feel my treatment would not be suitable for your condition I can recommend alternatives.

Parasites! Really …?!

Parasites are far more common that you think. Indeed, they’re far more common than most doctors think which is why they’re firstly not recognised and therefore not diagnosed. Ignorance is not bliss in the case of parasites and ridding your body of them will make you feel so much better. It’s natural to feel ‘dirty’, scared even repulsed by the thought of having parasites in your body. But there is no need. We infect ourselves through living and there are natural ways to rid them from our bodies.

How did these parasites enter by body?

  • Do you have a pet?
  • Do you like to eat sushi, sashimi, herring, steak tartare?
  • Do you walk barefooted on grass,patio or on decking?
  • Have you travelled to countries such as Asia, America, South America, Europe?
  • Do you eat unpeeled fruit and vegetables?
  • Do you own feather pillows or cushions?
  • Do you eat meat which is NOT ‘well-done’?

These are all ways which we can infect ourselves with parasites.

Why aren’t parasites identified by the medical profession?

Quite simply, because it’s believed that parasites were eradicated from us decades ago. Doctors know very little if anything about them. Stool sample for example is flawed in this aspect since they don’t always specialise in the detection of parasites. There aren’t tests for all parasites which can live in the human body. Anti-parasitic drugs often have a very toxic side effect.

What harm can parasites do?

Parasites can cause many issues in the body such as inflammation, dermatitis, obstruction, release of toxic substances, malnutrition as well as adding to the pressure and stress on the immune system.

  • They put pressure on organs (especially the eyes, brain, spinal cord, heart & bones)
  • They cause obstruction (intestines, pancreatic duct & bile duct especially)
  • They can cause dermatitis.
  • They irritate tissue causing inflammation
  • They produce toxic substances and release bacteria and viruses.
  • They destroy cells faster than can be regenerated.
  • They depress the immune system function
  • They activate the immune system and push it to complete exhaustion.

What does the treatment entail?

The treatment will involve an initial 2 hour consultation which is held in my private surgery in the heart of Penarth. This consultation will entail a non invasive physical assessment, a discussion about your symptoms and an evaluation of the personal and household products that you use. This will enable me to accurately diagnose your condition and formulate a treatment plan that is tailored towards your needs and takes into account environmental factors.

The medical profession focuses on symptoms, this typically ignores the cause of a condition which can be exacerbated or caused by toxins from our life style and habits. I believe in adopting a holistic approach to healing - by assessing my patients and identifying the toxins which are affecting them. I offer a natural solution to their condition to promote long term health.

Does this therapy actually work?

Put simply, yes it does!  It’s very effective and involves specific herbal treatments.  However, it is imperative that patients taking responsibility for their health by making changes to their habits, you cannot simply take a passive approach.
For this therapy to work, patients need to show commitment and determination. My patients need to take on my advice and encouragement and commit to the changes if they are to see positive results.
If you're willing to take action, I am here to coach and guide you through to health.

What are your qualifications?

Studied Allergy Therapy at Prestberries Holistic Centre, Ledbury, Gloucestershire. Allergy Therapy Diploma (distinction)
Studied Diploma in Nutritional Therapy with Alternative Training in Stroud.

Is the treatment suitable for children and babies?

Yes, my patients have included babies, toddlers, children and teenagers - and I have successfully treated their conditions. Like adults, many physical conditions can be attributed to toxins, especially as minors are more susceptible to the negative effect of these factors.

With over 20 years as a classroom teachers, I can engage with children of all ages to diagnose and develop an effective treatment schedule. Please see my review page for testimonials.

Is this treatment right for me?

Have you been trying the same approach, on several occasions and the result remain the same? Are you tired of feeling how you're feeling and want to make the change? Do you want to identify the cause of your symptoms? Then my treatment is the right one for you.
My personalised treatment involves active collaboration between me and my patients. I will provide you with clear and straightforward instructions, but you will need to show commitment and determination. I will support you throughout your treatment, but you need to be dedicated to changing your habits (diet, lifestyle, behaviour) in order to restore your body back to health.
Whilst we may live in an era of immediate results, our body does not work like this. My treatment will take time and effort.  If you’re prepared to make changes, then this therapy is right for you.  If you’re not prepared and want to take a pill and carry on doing what you’re doing, then no this therapy is not for you.
My treatment is a lifestyle change that will restore you back to health, not a quick fix that will not address the cause of your symptoms. 

Does allergy & nutritional therapy actually work?

Put simply, yes it does!

There is extensive research that has shown the effectiveness of allergy and nutritional therapies in treating an array of common physical symptoms. However, this treatment entails patients taking responsibility for their health by making changes to their habits, you cannot simply take a passive approach.
For allergy and nutritional therapy to work, patients need to show commitment and determination. My patients need to take on my advice and encouragement and commit to the changes if they are to see positive results.
If you're willing to take action, I am here to coach and guide you through to health.

How much will the treatment cost?

The first consultation 2 hours session costs £95 (for adults)/£85 for (school age children). Follow up consultations (1hr) are £55. I am committed to providing a personalised, holistic treatment for my patients to recover in the quickest time possible. Visit my 'Cost' page for further information.

How many consultations will I need?

Each client’s needs are different. Advice will be given at the end of each consultation as to how soon the next appointment should be. I offer a holistic service which finds the true cause of illness and symptoms. Together, we will work to identify the most effective approach to your recovery.

How do I make an appointment or discuss my needs?

If my treatment is of interest or you would like additional information simply contact me via the form on my website.

07739 210 291
Grove Terrace
The Vale of Glamorgan
CF64 2NL

Please Note:
Visitors by appointment only