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"Health is like wealth - you don’t know you’ve got it until you’ve lost it"

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Very grateful to Darren for this review of the work and results he’s experiencing.

Had you considered Natural Therapy before meeting Angharad?

Yes, I’m very open to various types of alternative therapies and have tried a few over the years.
I’m interested the body is able to heal itself. What appealed to me was that Natural Therapy by Angharad sounded like a therapy that would suit this line of thought.

Describe treatment offered by Angharad?

Initially I had a phone consultation, which went very well and Angharad assured me that her treatment would benefit me greatly. She described what the treatment would entail - it sounded intriguing and I decided to give it a go!

The treatment offered by Angharad is a treatment that will deal with the health issues you’re currently experiencing and you’ll soon see that often they link to past health conditions. Treatment is painless and very intriguing.  She’ll go through everything very thoroughly to find the root cause. Which she will find! Treatment is a two-way approach. You’ll be required to follow her advice to the letter if it’s to work. Which it will.

What attracted you to Natural Therapy by Angharad?

2 things really. Firstly, the treatment itself. I knew that my diet had to be addressed, a complete over hall.  I knew that my lack of a healthy diet and my well-being went hand in hand. I wanted to know the right foods that my body wanted. Her website was good with positive reviews from clients who had benefited greatly from her treatment.  Secondly, a friend of mine had gone to Angharad for treatment and was very impressed with the results.

Would you recommend others visit Angharad? What about those sceptical about following such a therapy?

Definitely, which I already have. Angharad is very professional, friendly, caring, patient and very knowledgeable in her field. You couldn’t be in any better hands. She’s very invested and committed in helping in all areas of your health. You can also tell how much she loves treating people, that just comes across! She motivates you too!

I’m so grateful for all that Angharad has done for my health and well being. She’s taught me so much and has totally changed the way I approach my health. I can’t recommend highly enough.

If you are committed to making big changes to your well being, then you won’t find a better treatment or therapist to go to.

When trying anything new there’s always going to be a bit of scepticism, that’s just natural. It’s a treatment that requires you to be a bit open on how its works, but it so does. There were a lot of health issues that I wanted and needed to address. Angharad will get to the root cause of all your health issues. The results speak for themselves. The treatment I have experienced has worked wonders for myself. I have seen improvements in all areas of my health.

Health and well being is an ever on going life journey that requires to keep working at. I will continue to see Angharad in the future for follow up treatments if and when needed. If you’re thinking about the treatment and have any concerns, then a phone call to Angharad is all it takes. You’ll have a friendly chat and I’m sure she’ll be able to help you like she has helped me. 


Sophia has been coming for treatment for 6 months for severe IBS and back pain

Before being treated by Angharad, had you ever considered natural therapies before?

No I hadn’t.

What attracted you to Natural Therapies by Angharad?

It was my friend who was going to Angharad for treatment and it was obviously working for her. I had a bad back and I had IBS and I though I’d give it a go.

How would you describe the treatment offered by Angharad?

Angharad’s treatment is very calming , very thorough and there’s no harm to you. It’s all natural therapies. It’s detoxing your body of what is not good for you.

Would you recommends others contact Angharad? If so, why?

Yes I would recommend it. It’s a long haul though. You’ve got be committed and you’ve got to work at it. I eat only what I’m able to now. I don’t eat anything other than what is on my list and it’s worked. On the odd occasion I do have a bad stomach but nothing like it used to. I feel better, I look better and I act better. I even started going to the gym in January. I’ve been using the rowing machine which I never thought I’d be able to do that because of the pain in my back. I’ve got confidence in my body now and I’m even trying on clothes in front of friends and I’m also ready for a partner.


This testimonial was written by Ffion who had been suffering from psoriasis

Treatment Length = 3 months

Before being treated by Angharad, had you ever considered natural therapies before?

I had never considered natural therapies before being treated by Angharad, no. My general health and wellbeing had been pretty good along the years. It was only when I was struck with quite a severe case of psoriasis that I decided to look into it as my condition was chronic and getting me down.

What attracted you to Natural Therapies by Angharad?

I had heard of Angharad through my sister who had taken her daughter to be treated for asthma. My sister spoke of the positive effect that Angharad had had and encouraged me to take the natural therapies route. I was curious, as all of the general creams and lotions prescribed by the doctor did not seem to help. I was hoping to get to the root cause of the problem and discover why my body was reacting in this way.

How would you describe the treatment offered by Angharad?

The treatment offered by Angharad is surprizing! I had kept an open mind before my first visit but was amazed at some of the techniques used. I felt that Angharad really got to understand the inner workings of my body and encouraged me to look at all aspects of my life in order to begin the healing process. From diet and supplements, to the type of products and toiletries I was consuming. All of these elements worked together to draw out the toxins in my body.

Would you recommends others contact Angharad? If so, why?

I would thoroughly recommend others to contact Angharad. My skin is almost completely clear now which is amazing given the extent of the condition. I felt that the process I went through helped to heal my skin, restored the balance in my body and aided me on my recovery. In the past conventional treatments were suppressing the condition, Angharad’s technique did the opposite. It slowly drew out the condition, wherein it got worse to begin with – but that was a good thing! By getting to the root cause and drawing out the condition, I feel like we were able to solve the problem instead of masking it.

This testimonial was written by Claire who had been suffering from migraines

Treatment Length = ongoing

Exactly one week ago today, I had an appointment with Angharad to help resolve my long history migraines and severe headaches.  The timing couldn’t have been better; the morning of my appointment I had a severe headache and Angharad was able to pinpoint the cause immediately.  

I suffered a more intense migraine for the last 6 weeks and worried that there was something serious wrong with me.  Angharad was able to alleviate my fear and actually identified that the source of my migraine was from beef I ate 6 weeks previously.  The beef had introduced a parasite to my body which caused the migraines.  This was a big surprise to me as I never equated food and my migraines.

Normally my headaches last 4 – 5 days, which negatively impacted my overall well-being, but with Angharad’s treatment the pain had completely vanished within 30 minutes.  After years of putting up with debilitating migraines this felt like a miracle cure.

Once the pain disappeared Angharad explained that I would need to go home and take a series of dietary supplements and spend a couple of hours using one of her devices to help the toxins leave my body. 

The treatment takes a lot of dedication and self-control, it’s definitely not easy and for the first couple of days I had a lot of aches, pains, flu like symptoms and also nasty headaches for 3 days. I also needed to give up some of my favourite foods but it’s a small price to pay for feeling fantastic and headache free. My body suffered a huge trauma and it's now in recovery, I still have a long time before my body is free from toxins and parasites but I am prepared to follow the next stages of treatment. 

Angharad explained that this will not happen over night and I will need to change my lifestyle and be careful of all food and products that are in contact with my body, even my deodorant,  shampoo and fabric conditioners. But I feel fully supported by Angharad who can always provide me with support and guidance.

I’ve suffered with migraine all my life (I’m 38 years old) and only now found a way to stop my migraines / severe headaches without using strong pain killers and losing days of my life in bed or in a dark room.  I’ve been blown away this week and would encourage anyone suffering from headaches to see Angharad as soon as possible! Her treatment is natural and it REALLY does work.

Not only do I not have a headache, I have a clear mind, better concentration, focused, masses of energy and sleeping properly too.  It’s made me feel alive for the first time in a very, very long time!

Mark shares his honest and inspiring experiences of his ongoing treatment

I have had/suffered from Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (AKA Eaton Lambert Syndrome) and Myasthenia Gravis for 14+ years. These are illnesses that make my immune system attack my neuromuscular junctions causing me to be weaker, stopping my muscles working and make day to day activities feel like I’m fighting against a tide – if that makes sense. It affects all muscles – from my arms and legs to my face muscles and the ones that make my eyes look up, down, left or right). They are Autoimmune illnesses, so I don’t know why I got them and why my body started to behave like this.

Having said that, I live a good life just with but have limitations. I take mixture of Steroids, 3,4 Diamionpyradine and Pyridostigmine Bromide to keep me going and life has been good to me considering. There are a lot of people out there worse off than me. I’m far from 100% but I’ve got a great family, great friends, a good job and although I can’t do what a normal man my age can – I have adapted and everyone around me knows my limits so it’s cool – Me with LEMS/MG is just me now. 

I’ve got a 4-Year-Old little boy and one day I’d love to be able to play football with him. I have this vivid re-occurring dream - I’m running in a field – I’m better – I keep running and running – it’s awesome – and then I wake up – and remember – I can’t get out of bed without taking my tablets and waiting half an hour for them to kick in. 

Anyway, my wife is due to have another baby in March and we had a routine midwife appointment around September. As normal, my conditions became the focus of the appointment – is it hereditary? are there complications? etc – and during this appointment our midwife mentioned Angharad and some of the stories she had heard about people being cured from all sorts of diseases and ailments. I thought what is there to lose – searched for her on Facebook and arranged an appointment. 

My Treatment With Angharad

We had an initial chat where Angharad described how she got into Natural Therapy and how it all worked, a lot of what she said made sense – I could relate to it and although it felt a little strange I thought I’d give it a go. 

What Angharad does (in my words) is finds out what is distressing your body and then gives you a diet and treatment to get rid of it – so in simple terms (this may be totally inaccurate but you will get my drift) if its salmonella causing you a problem, Angharad will say stay off the chicken and eggs for two weeks, take these tablets and believe it or not – if you follow the treatment plan to the letter when you go back in two weeks salmonella isn’t a problem any more.

The tablets or medicines are generally plant extracts, herbal or vitamin-based treatments which target the particular worm, mite, pathogen, bacteria or virus etc causing the problem. We even found out my deodorant was actually poisoning me with Aluminium – so now I use a deodorant that doesn’t contain Aluminium – it's simple really. 

At the same time Angharad will give you help and advice on changing your diet to be a good healthy diet and help you restore your gut and liver health so that everything is working like it should be. I take 4 acidophilous tablets a day – the ones with billions of good bacteria for my stomach and digestive system while also taking various treatments for my liver to help it clear out what shouldn’t be in my body. I wash all my fruit and veg, freeze all my meat before cooking it and always ensure food is cooked thoroughly. I even filter my water now – it takes a little bit longer but the results are amazing.

At the beginning the list of foods I had to avoid was unbelievable – it would be easier to tell you what I could eat, but as the treatments have gone on I have cleared most of these bad things from my body and through following sensible cooking techniques, washing fresh fruit and vegetables, storing and cooking meats properly my diet is pretty much 90% of what I used to eat now – with a pretty strict ‘do not eat’ list making up the final 10%.

Now – I’ve got to be honest with you - my treatment is ongoing and my lems isn’t yet cured – but I feel so much better – cleaner and my body is telling me that what I’m doing is right. I need less of my tablets to get me through a day and it feels right. I’m sure that with 100% commitment to my eating lists and continuing to look after my gut and liver – and my whole body, I will continue to get better and better and hopefully stop taking the other prescribed drugs and who knows maybe one day be able to run with my son like in my dream.

I work in retail and every Christmas I end up really ill – working myself into the ground and pick up all sorts of coughs / colds and flu – but this year I have actually not had a single cold – Angharad has kept check on me and treated everything before it has affected me – its honestly amazing!

I would honestly recommend you speak to Angharad if you have an illness or disease – you have to be ready to work for it, go without some of the things you crave the most (Pork and Crackling for me) and do some really strange treatments – but I 100% swear by what she has done for me and I am still going fortnightly confident that we will beat this illness together.

I am happy for Angharad to pass you my details if you would like to chat to me – Angharad has changed my life!

I’m so pleased I was able to help Fran

My immune system and skin were really suffering, particularly during winter. Through finding the root causes of these problems and making dietary changes, Angharad has helped me become stronger and healthier than I can ever remember. Her knowledge of how the body works and what it needs to heal is extensive, and the support she offers throughout the treatment process is invaluable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.



Anne shares her experience of her 2 children's treatments

I first visited Angharad to help me overcome thyroid issues. I was very pleased with the result and having 2 children under the age of 10, I started considering natural treatment by Angharad whenever possible.

My son suffers from hay fever and I was a little reluctant with long term use of antihistamine. My daughter on the other hand has had recurring colds and chest infections and I was concerned about regular antibiotic treatment.

Over time, Angharad has helped identify issues with fungus, mold, viruses and parasites picked up along the way as well as some food sensitivities. She has a great rapport with children, she puts them at ease and knows how to gain their trust. She makes them feel as if they are in charge of their own treatment and small touches like having their own treatment bag goes a long way. My daughter who was advised to cut down her sugar intake has fully embraced it. Small changes like swapping cows yoghurt with goat milk yoghurt has been a seamless transition even though I thought that may be a big deal for her. All in all, I would certainly recommend Angharad if your children have recurring health issues that do not seem to get resolved with visit to the GP.

Here Beth describes her experience of bringing her son for treatment

For years, Jay had been sick. We weren't sure whether it was anxiety or bullying but something was definitely making him sick. He would be sent home so often from school and it got to the point where he was only going to school once or twice every week.

I was taking him back and forth to the doctor’s in tears. He was sent home from the hospital once, and was sick all along the corridor. He had all this medication, which I wasn’t happy about.

I wanted to resolve the problem rather than stop the symptoms for a while. I spoke to my husband about going to see Angharad but he didn’t agree and said to let the hospital 'do their thing'.  But they weren’t fixing him.  So we went to Angharad. At first, he was still being sick. It took about a month to get everything under control. He lost a tremendous amount of weight, he started to feel better and he began to have energy again. He’s a sensitive sole and we still go to see Angharad to keep building up his strength.

Now, he’s able to go to school. On the odd occasion he still goes sick. We watch his diet but he’s much much much better. I really don’t know where we’d be without having taken him to Angharad.

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