"The more serious the illness, the more important it is for you to fight back, mobilizing all your resources-spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical."

Norman Cousins

As an allergy and nutritional therapist for over 2 years I have worked with over 100 patients. My patients have been overwhelmingly positive about their experience, particularly initially sceptical patients.

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Below is a snapshot of my reviews:

Anne Pritchard Guihard

"I have had over-active thyroid issues since mid-2014 and found out it was autoimmune Graves’ disease which meant my body was misreading something which caused the condition. I have followed a medical treatment to eliminate the symptoms but my consultants have never been able to offer an explanation nor find the cause, it was just one of those things.

I was given a choice of tablets, surgery to remove my thyroid gland or radioactive iodine treatment to destroy it followed by a life-long treatment of synthetic thyroid hormones in order for my body to function properly. I chose the tablets to give myself time to consider my options, in the hope that I would find the cause and cure it.

I consulted with Angharad in April 2016 and within a week of our initial consultation, I had blood tests which showed some signs of improvement. All we had done at this stage was adjust my diet & “zapped a few nasties”. The treatment was completely natural and pain free. I still followed my consultants’ advice and had regular blood tests. By the end of June, my blood results were back to NORMAL. My consultant agreed to lower my medication and review after a couple of months. When I think that one of the options offered to me was to drink this radioactive solution to destroy my thyroid gland, with all the inconvenience that came with it i.e. staying away from my kids for 3-4 weeks to avoid contamination, it makes me wonder how many people undergo unnecessary procedures followed by medication or just put up with conditions & treatments which affect their quality of life and potentially damage their organs when a natural alternative is available.

I have already recommended Angharad to a number of people. As far as I am concerned, it was definitely worth a try, I’m now off the meds!"

Jane Balch

"Amazing!!! Finding my intolerances and helping with my diet I have found my appetite return I have much more energy and not tied down with any toxins.

I sleep better, no longer suffer from urine infections, focus more and basically feel more balanced. Anghard found metals in my body due to fillings so I'm looking forward to eliminating that.

I strongly recommend everybody visit... I was very impressed with the service and gentle and professional nature of Angharad."

Vanessa Bradley

"An amazing therapy that helps in the recovery of most ailments. It discovers what foods you should and shouldn't be eating for your particular ailment.

I used to drink a lot of cows milk and other things with milk in, but since I have switched to goats milk, cheese etc. my arthritis has improved and allergies and itching have disappeared.

I would recommend this lady to everyone who suffers with the ailments she mentions and maybe some she hasn't discovered that she can help yet."

Julie Gwyer


"Can't believe that slight changes to my diet could make so much difference to the way I feel.

I have asthma and an under active thyroid and always felt tired and had no energy but now feel so alive. Thanks Angharad for your advice and guidance."

Barry Williams


"Roedd ein mab yn dioddef o 'eczema'. Yn dilyn asesiad gan Angharad a chael cyngor ar fwydydd addas, fe wellodd yn sydyn iawn."

"Angharad treated our 8 year old son for eczema. He responded quickly to the treatment. Angharad works well with children."

Emma Evans


"A few months before Christmas last year I was suffering with extreme exhaustion. I'm not talking a little tired here, I'm talking about the kind of tired that allows you to sleep anywhere at anytime!! I'd been to see my doctor and was never given any reason for this extreme fatigue nor was I given any help. When I heard that a few of my friends had visited Angharad i decided that I had nothing to lose! I remember during our initial meeting saying, "I hope you're a miracle worker."

To cut a very long (and happy!) story short, I saw Angharad for a further 3 sessions where we cut certain food types, added certain food types and added supplements that my body was crying out for. I saw a difference in my ability to stay awake and overall health immediately and by the time I had my last session i felt amazing. I only work part time and had previously slept during my days off (I literally couldn't stay awake!) but now I have so much energy and haven't had to go back to bed once during my days off.

Since our sessions, I have made small, manageable changes to my lifestyle/ eating which have had amazing effects on me and my quality of life. So so impressed by Angharad's knowledge and ability to help the body. Would highly recommend Angharad to anyone who wants to make small changes for a big impact. Diolch i ti xx"

Rebecca Hayes


"Ers yn 3mis oed, bu'n mab yn dioddef ag eczema. Cafodd pob math o eli gan feddygon, gan gynnwys rhai steroid. Doedd dim yn gweithio. Yna, yn 2 oed, gwelodd e Angharad. O fewn ychydig wythnosau, roedd e'n dechrau gwella. Mae ei groen yn glir hyd heddiw, ac yntau'n 3 oed. Diolch yn fawr iawn! Mae natur mwyn Angharad yn gwneud plant yn hollol hapus yn ei chwmni."

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